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Digital distribution can be pricey, but it is needed if you want your music on sites like Spotify & iTunes. There are plenty of companies out there that can deliver your music to these sites, but they usually have a large upfront fee for each submission, a subscription fee that you have to pay monthly and they have a bunch of hidden fees for UPC codes and other services. On top of all that some of them will even take a percentage of your income.

OKAY Recordings is set up to distribute music independently, with no submission fees and no barcode fees. We are a small company, and can only afford to do a limited amount of full physical releases. However, we do have the ability to help out independent artists with digital releases. In order for an artists to properly build a following on streaming sites like Spotify, they should be releasing short 3-6 song EPs on a steady basis, every 8-16 weeks, 3-4 times per year minimum. When using paid aggregators this can get pricey.

OKAY Recordings is currently looking to release a select number of acts through its own digital distribution network. Once you are brought on, you will have the ability to release anything you want, with no upfront costs whatsoever. OKAY Recordings will simply take a small percentage of the money that comes in. We will pay you, you will never pay us.

Since we are small, and we will be processing all of this manually we will be limited in the amount of acts we can distribute. Another drawback compared to the paid services is we currently do not have a system in place for our artists to log into an account and see their stats in real time. We get all of our stats, as well as payments, on a quarterly basis, which will then be relayed to the artists.

We will be accepting new artists 10 acts at a time. Once we have those artists set up and ready to go we will bring on 10 more acts, and so on. Our goal is to help you build your audience, and your income using these digital platforms, and help you get to a point where it makes sense financially to start using paid services.

Since we can not accept everyone into this service we have to be selective on which artists we choose. This is not based on genre of music. There will be an array of things that we will look for. Here is the Artist Criteria list.  This list is just a guideline, do not let it discourage you from submitting your material, but look it over before submitting and see what you can do to meet some of these items.