Artist Criteria for Digital Distribution

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Due to the restraints that we have on the amount of artists we can distribute we look for the following criteria. Our goal is to help you build your following on our digital platforms, so first and foremost we look for artists that are already taking the steps of helping themselves. Artists DO NOT have to meet all of the criteria, but meeting some of these items will help. 

  • Established social media pages for your act (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, soundcloud)
  • Social media pages with engaged followers
  • touring acts/acts that play out alot
  • acts with a large number of youtube/soundcloud followers
  • 3+ releases ready to be put out over the course of 1 year
  • releases in EP format (3-6 songs)
  • quality recordings mixed to meet industry standards (some genres merritt lo fi recordings and will be excluded from this)
  • Acts or members of an act that have an active blog/podcast/vlog

If you feel like you do not meet some or all of this criteria, please take the steps to do so.