F City “Agenda/World of Good” CD


An overdrive bass riff pierces through the lasers and smoke, a drummer dressed in all white and ski goggles ignites a fast paced groove with a drum fill. The singer walks toward the crowd in a black cat suit and sings the first line, “You watch yourself, We watch yourself, so finely tuned and edited!” Arms in the air, cheering, wild outfits, and a crowd surfing snake are seen at a downtown club in Baltimore at 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon.The video shoot for “F”’s song, “Impression Manage- ment” had music lovers from all over the city coming out to sup- port the band’s new arrangement and be seen.
“F”, a trio featuring Paul Joyce on bass and electronics, Lala Anderson on lead vocals and keyboards, and Landis Expandis on lead vocals and drums can be called a Baltimore supergroup. Each member, steeped in the tradition of Baltimore’s booming art and music scene, comes together to create this “Soul Punk” for cross-over people — people that one might see at a DJed dance party downtown, and later that night at a rowdy rock show uptown.
French TV chef and music lover Charlie Kentish described the new “F” release as “Steve Strange meets Gary Newman for an electronic acid jazz fusion with a sniff of Snoop chucked in for good measure,” and “Equally as brilliant Amy Winehouse, Blondie, Pink – punk rock. Thank fuck there are still people who understand the true meaning of rock and roll.”
“F” drops their second album, Agenda/World Of Good, this fall on the Okay Recordings label; they’ll also be releasing a video for their song Impression Management. This unique two-sided album will devote a side each to Punk and Electronic musical stylings, and will be released both on CD and USB.


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